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Austwine: 2013 Post Vintage Bulk Wine Review

One Too Many Cream Puffs: 2013 Post Vintage Bulk Wine Review

Jim Moularadellis, Austwine

Jim Moularadellis, Austwine

Australian Post Vintage Bulk wine review from our strategic alliance partner in Australia, Austwine.

Jim Moularadellis, Austwine, Australia’s Bulk Wine Specialists Australian winemakers started the 2013 vintage with empty tanks and large appetites for grapes. Optimism & prices were on the rise following last year’s medium sized, good quality vintage and winemakers were hungry for more wine inventory. So during the 2013 vintage, most winemakers crushed as many grapes as they could lay their hands on and Mother Nature delivered grapes in great abundance. Now, most winemakers have a bit too much excess bulk wine in their tanks. Even those who judiciously restricted their intakes are complaining of higher than ideal inventory levels…..Sometimes we folk in the wine industry can identify with the 8 year old at a kid’s birthday party hungrily surveying the sweets table, who then helps herself to a whole plate of cream puffs. The little girl then later complains of a bad tummy ache after, perhaps, one too many cream puffs.

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