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We’re pleased to provide you with the results of our 2014 Collateral Value Report. Turrentine Brokerage is committed to continuing to serve as a thought leader in the wine industry, and we view the report as an opportunity to provide wineries, grape growers, and negociants with comparative and insightful information. This survey builds on the results published by Moss Adams in 2009 that analyzed a range of topics including general industry trends, sales and production data, viticulture data along with operating and financial metrics by region.

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The Turrentine Outlook© provides forward-looking projections of acreage planted to different grape varieties, tonnages to be harvested, relative supply and demand dynamics, among other factors. These predictions are based on data gleaned from many sources, including the California Grape Acreage Report and the California Grape Crush Report, published by the CDFA. The numbers are further refined by comparison with field reports concerning plantings, graftings, removals, historic yields, pruning decisions, cluster counts, and cluster weights from the various growing areas. The numbers are also cross checked with data from actual transactions facilitated by Turrentine Brokerage. It is important to note that wine is both an agricultural and a high-end consumer product, and that all of these projections are based on many variables that are notoriously hard to predict. These include, but are not limited to, such changeable factors as weather patterns, yields per acre, future planting decisions by growers and wineries, global economic conditions and constantly changing consumer demand. Other things, such as devastating vineyard pests or major regulatory changes can also have unpredictable impacts on grape and wine markets. All projections in Turrentine Outlook publications should be treated as suggestions of most-probable scenarios. Planning should include contingency plans and should be subject to constant re-evaluation. While Turrentine Brokerage intends to continue to provide the most comprehensive and insightful analysis in the industry, Turrentine Brokerage is not obligated to update this information.

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